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Varsovia Apartamenty-apartamenty hotelowe Varsovia Apartamenty-apartamenty hotelowe
Apartamenty Kasprzaka
Apartamenty Jerozolimskie

Kasprzaka 31 299 bezpiecznych apartamentów - noclegi ze śniadaniem

Apartamenty hotelowe z aneksami kuchennymi!

Restauracja FirstFloor a'la carte, obiady domowe i przyjęcia

Sala konferencyjna do 70 osób

Jul 2021
Jul 2021

Apartments for rent in Warsaw

Wybierz bezpieczne apartamenty. Oferujemy noclegi ze śniadaniem + domowe obiady!

Varsovia Apartamenty

Varsovia Apartments KASPRZAKA and Varsovia Apartments JEROZOLIMSKIE are perfectly located, comfortable and comfortable facilities, created for the most demanding clients. Perfect especially for entrepreneurs and businessmen, both those looking for a place for a few days stay in Warsaw, as well as those looking for a comfortable apartment for a few-week or several-month contracts. Perfectly designed apartments are more than just a hotel. We provide our guests with fully equipped, elegant apartments, which are an ideal place to relax after work.

Radosław Majdan The Manager of Varsovia Apartamenty

Perfect for long stays

Long-term rental of our apartments is an affordable option.We provide attractive conditions for renting the whole apartment in the standard of a four-star hotel.Modernity, discretion, comfort and good location - all this is included in the price of course.

We value clear rental rules and the independence of our guests. In order to meet your expectations, we are flexible and we do not provide long-term contracts.

Our apartments are fully equipped, comfortable with a total area that suits our guests. They were designed to provide a great place to work and relax or to prepare meals.

Long stay

Our apartments are more than just a hotel. We give you complacency, privacy and a stylish space designed for a comfortable, long stay.

Best Prices
No long-term contract
Full equipment

Comfortable conditions


Our elegant apartments have been designed for business guests, for whom we have also prepared professional workplaces in the lobby. Fully equipped apartments are a perfect solution for a longer or a short stay - all of this with high standards.


Equipped workplaces
in the lobby

Hotel parking lot

For tourists

The excellent location makes Varsovia Apartamenty Jerozolimskie an ideal place for long-term rental for people who visit Warsaw as tourists, and truly appreciate discreet comfort.


Kitchenette in every apartment

Our standards

Internet connection, Wi-fi


Jul 2021
Jul 2021

Reserve an apartment online

Jul 2021
Jul 2021

Varsovia Apartments - brand new network on the hotel market

Comfort and independence - this idea inspired us to create our Varsovia Apartmenty - a network of exclusive apartments for rent in 4 different locations (3 facilities in Warsaw and 1 in Gdynia). Our apartments are comfortable and can be rented for short or long term.

We give you 3 reasons why the apartment is actally better than the hotel

We travel a lot and the more we move from one place to another, the more we care about the room standards. You can search the offer of th most prestigious hotels, look for rooms in the economic standard or simply choose an offer that is a great mix of both options - Varsovia Apartmenty. What distinguishes them from hotels?

#1 Anonymity versus privacy

Big hotels are generally impersonal. It's an advantage if you go somewhere to stay for the night. When you need to spend more time in a different town, renting an apartment is a way better solution. First of all, it allows you to function the same way you do it at home, thanks to our division into the day and night zone, separating the dining area and creating a special working space just for you. If your trip involves a long-term rental, the opportunity to settle down in the apartment becomes a real asset. This solution gives you a sense of privacy, independence (after all, you rent an independent apartment in the capital) combined with the comfort of living in a hotel (service in the standard of a five-star hotel.

#2 Space and freedom

When you're in a hotel, as a guest you have to follow the rules, schedules - even if it comes to the opening hours of the restaurant. In Varsovia Apartmenty, you are free - thanks to our well equipped kitchenettes you can decide whether to eat in the apartment, in the restaurant or outside. Functional room arrangement and ergonomic solutions help us to use the extra space to create a dining area, daytime zone or a sleeping space.

#3 For the weekend and business trip

Tourists are willing to rent apartments, because they guarantee a hotel standard (much higher than in case of guesthouses), and what they get in return is a homely atmosphere, their own kitchen and independence. Companies and businessmen are also familiar with this type of solution. It's perfect when you need an apartment for your employee (or yourself) for a couple of months. You have your own working space inside the apartment, but there's also a separate space with fully equipped workstations. The high standard of apartments and their modern design make it possible to organize business meetings in a less formal environment.
Varsovia Apartmenty has everything you need. We wanted to give you the aparments that we would be glad to take... That is why we took care of both - details and practical solutions. We provide concierge and cleaning services, underground car park or the one outside the facility. We chose the best locations when it comes to transport connections, convenient access to local attractions and the comfort of living.

You are always welcome here. See you in Varsovia Apartamenty.

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